The Correale Museum of Terranova

Walking through the streets of the beautiful Sorrento you will come across another place that deserves attention and interest: the Correale Museum of Terranova.

Museum Foundation was formed in reaction to the Correale Correale established by the brothers, descendants of an ancient family of Sorrento, in their wills that left precise instructions about setting up the museum.
The collections are arranged on three floors, for a total of twenty-four rooms, inside of which you can enjoy fine European and Oriental porcelain, paintings by Neapolitan artists and foreigners and other works.
The museum also has a park enriched with trees and sycamores, hosting examples of typical Mediterranean flora


Il Museum of the Inlay

A museum which preserves and documents the production of artistic Sorrento inlaid wood, and at the same time it promotes a new production of contemporary objects and furniture design.

Located in the eighteenth century Palazzo Pomarici Santomasi, in the historical center of Sorrento, hosts a vast collection of furniture and objects made ​​by woodcarvers of Sorrento from 19th century to the present, paintings, drawings, engravings, prints and vintage photographs relating to the landscape of the Sorrentine Coast.